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The Domain Name System Security Extensions is a set of Domain Name System (DNS) extensions which enables communication authentication between hosts and DNS data, while ensuring data integrity. DNSSEC is used for securing specific information provided by DNS.

The main goal of DNSSEC is to protect against data spoofing and corruption. Initially, it was called only DNS (Domain Name System) and did not include security extensions. The main DNSSEC extensions are specified by RFC4033, RFC4034, and RFC4035. There are also some additional RFCs which provide supporting information.

The DNS was initially developed without any security extensions, thus increasing the chances to get out of synch and allow the spoofing of IP Addresses with the purpose of redirecting traffic to undesired websites. DNSSEC was created as a means of adding protection and security to the DNS so that the redirected traffic could be checked and directed towards the correct server.
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ICANN 54 Primer:
Welcome to Dublin

ICANN 54 is shaping up to be an important meeting, with a lot of critical issues on the agenda. The ICANN Primer is a resource providing the background information needed to begin understanding the issues and participating in the future of the internet. We provide summaries of important issues with links for additional reading, information on the board and a list of acronyms with definitions.


  • ICANN-Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers
  • AfriNIC-The African Network Information Center
  • ALAC-At-Large Advisory Committee
  • APNIC-The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
  • ARIN-American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • ASO-Address Supporting Organization
  • ccNSO-Country-Code Names Supporting Organization
  • ccTLD-Country-Code Top Level Domain
  • CCWG or CWG-Cross Community Working Group
  • DNS-Domain Name System
  • GAC-Governmental Advisory Committee
  • GNSO-Generic Names Supporting Organization
  • gTLD-Generic Top-Level Domain
  • IANA-Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  • IDN-Internationalized Domain Names
  • IETF-Internet Engineering Task Force
  • IP-Internet Protocol
  • IPv4-Internet Protocol version 4
  • IPv6-Internet Protocol Version 6
  • ISOC-Internet Society
  • ISP-Internet Service Provider
  • LACNIC-Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
  • NTIA-US Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  • OSC-Operations Steering Committee
  • PDP-Policy Development Process
  • RIR-Regional Internet Registry
  • RSEP-Registry Services Evaluation Proccess
  • RSSAC-Root Server System Advisory Committee
  • SSR-Security, Stability, and Resiliency
  • SSAC-Security and Stability Advisory Committee
  • TLD-Top Level Domain
  • TLG-Technical Liaison Group
  • UDRP-Uniform Dispute Resolution Process
  • URS-Uniform Rapid Suspension System
  • W3C-World Wide Web Consortium
  • WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization
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