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South School on Internet Governance

The South School on Internet Governance (SSIG) trains new leaders in all aspects related to Internet Governance, from a global perspective and with focus on the Latin America and Caribbean Region. The program trains university and postgraduate students from the region and from the rest of the world to understand the complexity related with Internet Governance and its importance in the future of the Internet. Every year a fixed number of students are selected for SSIG, after having gone through a heavy selection process. The cost to students and the expenditures of SSIG are borne by sponsorships from sponsors such as Verisign, Nominet Trust, Afilias, ICANN, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.
SSIG 7: April 20-24 2015

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Latest Feature

ICANN 53 - Edit-a-thon

June 24, 26, 2015
ICANNWiki is a small team of editors and contributors who have helped shape over 5,000 articles about ICANN, the DNS and Internet governance as a whole. Our goal is continue to create and collaborate on relevant and educational articles that serve as a touchstone for our community. An edit-a-thon is a small, but powerful tool to start, grow or edit the information on ICANNWiki, and build a community of contributors.

Changes can start small--create or fill in your personal or company page, fix a small error. Or perhaps you have some insight into the history and trajectory of the new gTLD Program? Or, you're at the forefront of initiatives such as NETmundial or have something factual to contribute to our IANA Transition article? Come to our edit-a-thon and choose your level of participation!

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