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Type: Non-profit
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2002
Country: Mauritius
LinkedIn: AfTLD
Key People
Vika Mpisane, Chairman/President

Mohamed El Bashir, Director of Communications & Outreach
Vincent Ngundi, Director of Capacity Building
Dr. Paulos Nyirenda, Director of Research
Souleymane Oumtanaga, Director of Strategic Partnerships
Abibu Ntiahigiye, Treasurer
Eric Akumiah, Secretary

AfTLD (African Top Level Domain) is a non-profit organization composed of registry operators in Africa. It was incorporated as a Mauritius non-profit organization on 19 December 2002.[1] It is a forum for African TLD managers to address and discuss issues and policies that have a global impact. It represents African ccTLDs on an international platform as one coherent voice. AfTLD was formed to have an influential global position in the ccTLD sector and to effectively represent African registries to various international parties.

AfTLD was started as a project to share information and focus on united actions and issues which are similar in nature amongst the ccTLD Registries in Africa. It wa started as a joint effort, with more than 50 ccTLDs originally associated with the project.[2]


Since its establishment, AfTLD has achieved, initiated or participated in the following activities:[3]

  • 2002 - Was incorporated in Mauritius and became member of ICANN's Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO).
  • 2003 - Participated in AfNOG, AfriNIC, and its first general assembly was held during ICANN 18 in Carthage. It also organized a name server training workshop.
  • 2004 - Attended ICANN 21 in Cape Town.
  • 2005 - Implemented its election process to select representatives to the ccNSO Council
  • 2006 - Restructured its Board and added 8 members to its Executive Committee to create an Interim Board of Trustees
  • 2007 - Held its first African ccTLD Event in Cairo, Egypt
  • 2008 - Conducted its 2nd Annual African ccTLD Event in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2009 - Its 3rd Annual African ccTLD Event in Arusha, Tanzania was held. It also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AfriNIC.
  • 2010 - Held its 4th Annual African ccTLD in Nairobi, Kenya during the 37th ICANN Meeting
  • 2011 - Conducted an Attack Contingency Response Planning (ACRP) Workshop for ccTLDs managers in partnership with the Ghananian National Information Technology Administration (NITA).


The main objective of AfTLD is to voice and stand up for the benefit and interests of ccTLD managers; encourage communication and cooperation between them; increase the awareness of the internet community in the African region and its neighbor islands regarding the process, activities and meetings of ICANN, IANA and the worldwide ccTLD community; establish a website that will serve as main source of information for its members; and assist in the development and capacity building of the DNS technologies and facilitate the development of ccTLD policies, administration and technical infrastructure in Africa.[4]


There are in all 24 member countries and 7 associated members. Members are provided with the following benefits:

  • Involvement in all AfTLD forums and discussions
  • Involvement in workshops to develop the technical features of the members, their terms of experience and expertise
  • Sharing all possible information through various modes like news, e-newsletters, events, documents, and discussions
  • Access of AfTLD mailing list for information sharing and discussions[5]


.bfBurkina Faso
.cdDR Congo
.ciCote d’Ivoire
.cfCentral African Republic
.sc Seychelles
.zaSouth Africa

Associated Members

AusRegistry International Australia based Domain name registry services provider. [6]
CoCCA Council of Country Code Administrators Incorporated. [7]
GLOCM Centre for Global Communications. [8] The African Registrar. [9]
INDOM INDOM is one of the leading European Domain name registrar. [10]
W3C Senegal The West African centre of W3C. It manages activities of W3C in West Africa.[11]
GMO Registry GMO Registry is a leading gTLD service provider. [12]


ICANN is a leading sponsor of AfTLD and helps develop policies for AfTLD’s Internet services. ICANN assists AfTLD to achieve its goals by offering a supportive role in its development and advancement, which has helped it to quickly develop.[13][14]

AfTLD's Bid for .Africa

In March 2011, AfTLD expressed its interest in managing .africa, as well as its french version .afrique, to represent the African region and to be included in the new batch of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) to be submitted to ICANN. The organization was confident it has the capability to manage .africa and planned to partner with one of the leading registry service providers to ensure the success of the gTLD. AfTLD believed that launching .africa as a new gTLD will greatly benefit the businesses and the entire internet community within the African region.[15]

AfTLD planned to take part in a competitive bidding process to the African Union Commission (AUC); this body went on to support the bid of UniForum SA, and consequently AfTLD did not apply for any new gTLDs with ICANN.[16]


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