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Country: Argentina
Email: josefranciscoarce[at]
LinkedIn: Jose's LinkedIn
ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member

José Francisco Arce is a lawyer in the judicial province of Cordoba, Argentina. He specializes in cyber-crime, and online dispute resolution. He has been a fellow at numerous ICANN conferences, where he is interested in DNSSEC and the At-Large Community.[1] He teaches at a variety of Institutions in Argentina.[2]

Jose Arce has diplomas from the Universidad Blas Plascal, and the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.[3] He is an ISOC member.[4]


He is the current Chair and President of LACRALO;[5][6] he was nominated and elected as its interim chair when its former President, Andres Piazza, stepped down due to work commitments.[7]

Mr. Arce is AGEIA DENSI's representative in the LACRALO assembly.[8]


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