Mary Uduma

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Mary UdumaPortrait.jpg
Mary UdumaCaricature.jpg
Country: USA
Facebook: nne2mary
LinkedIn: mary-uduma

Mary Uduma is the President of the Excutive Board of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), she became President September 2010, after serving as Vice-President since 2009. She has also served as Member of NiRA's Interim Board of Trustees. She is also a Director of Consumer Affairs Bureau with the Nigerian Communications Commission, which is the Nigerian Telecomm Regulator.[1] She has worked for the Regulatory Authority for over 16 years. Mary is a trained Chartered Accountant.[2]

Mary worked at Deloitte and Touché, before joining NiRA. Her portfolio also includes work at a public accounting firm and a bank. She is a Member of the WSIS.[3]


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