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(Batch 7)
(Batch 7)
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# [[IRP]] page, [http://domainincite.com/youporn-challenges-new-gtlds-with-review-demand/ this]
# [[IRP]] page, [http://domainincite.com/youporn-challenges-new-gtlds-with-review-demand/ this]
# [[Independent Objector]] [http://domainincite.com/wanted-somebody-to-object-to-new-gtlds/ here]
# [[Independent Objector]] [http://domainincite.com/wanted-somebody-to-object-to-new-gtlds/ here]
# [[.bank]] Use [http://www.americanbanker.com/btn/24_12/dot-bank-gets-mixed-reviews-1044372-1.html this] for  and [http://domainincite.com/high-security-bank-spec-published/ this]. [http://domainincite.com/tiny-start-up-secures-bank-gtld-trademark/ more] [http://news.dot-nxt.com/2012/01/24/uspto-gtld-clampdown update] ('''New info''' as of 2/23 [http://domainincite.com/europe-to-warn-consumers-about-bank-risks/ here])
# [[.bank]] Use [http://www.americanbanker.com/btn/24_12/dot-bank-gets-mixed-reviews-1044372-1.html this] for  and [http://domainincite.com/high-security-bank-spec-published/ this]. [http://domainincite.com/tiny-start-up-secures-bank-gtld-trademark/ more] [http://news.dot-nxt.com/2012/01/24/uspto-gtld-clampdown update] ('''New info''' as of 2/23 [http://domainincite.com/europe-to-warn-consumers-about-bank-risks/ here]) Info Added
# [[InterNetworX]]  
# [[InterNetworX]]  
# [[LookSmart]], [http://www.looksmart.com/ this]
# [[LookSmart]], [http://www.looksmart.com/ this]

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I am a freelance writer and journalist with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication. I worked as a news writer, program producer and account executive at NBC-DZAR 1026 AM radio station in the Philippines. When the radio station was acquired by another company, I decided to work as a freelance writer, program producer and event organizer. I was a former Young Ambassador of Goodwill during the 26th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). I love travelling, cooking, gardening, reading books and photography. I am interested learning different cultures and languages.

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  1. Bob Liodice - C Requires information about ANA and the new gtld House and Senate Hearings---Info added including his latest "DO NOT SELL" List for Brands Proposal
  2. PIPA
  3. Lawrence Strickling- Can you add what happened following the Conflicts of Interest issues you outline? (i.e., board members began to be compensated, new IANA contract language) (Great article though!) Thanks! Information added on ICANN actions re:conflict of interest and NTIA action re: IANA contract
  4. Senator Ron Wyden - C
  5. DotConnectAfrica
  6. Andrei Kolesnikov - C This article could use more listed references, there should be one at least at the end of every section if possible.---References added
  7. Xavier Calvez-C Please expand the career history section to include the information in his LinkedIn profile. Thanks Available Info. added

Batch 7

  1. Brand gTLD - known .brands: see here, here (NEW as of 2/6: here) Info. Added
  2. Community gTLD
  3. GeoTLD
  4. DotBrand Solutions (CentralNic)
  5. TLDs for Associations (CentralNic)
  6. BrandShelter
  7. Central Registry Solutions
  8. PartnerGate
  9. Registry.net
  10. Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH
  11. Cloud Names
  12. MyTLD
  13. FairWinds Partners
  14. Valideus
  15. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)
  16. eBrand Services
  17. Brights Consulting
  18. Sedari -here is new news, different important news
  19. ADACOM
  20. Provident Link
  21. Kelley Drye (law firm)
  22. ICANN CEO page, this, this, this, this, this, this
  23. .me here
  24. IRP page, this
  25. Independent Objector here
  26. .bank Use this for and this. more update (New info as of 2/23 here) Info Added
  27. InterNetworX
  28. LookSmart, this
  29. Euro-SSIG
  30. Lucas Roh -Hostway
  31. V.C. Vivekanandan, ALAC Representative (Asia/Australia/Pacific Region)
  32. Chris Martin, Commercial and Business Users Constituency (Large)
  33. Mark Partridge, Intellectual Property Constituency
  34. Giovanni Seppia, ccNSO
  35. Wilfried Woeber, Address Supporting Organization Advisory Committee
  36. Henk Uijterwaal, IAB for IETF
  37. Phil Davidson, Technical Liaison Group (ITU-T Rep) 2011 NomCom Members
  38. Nigel Hickson, this
  39. Jon Leibowitz of FTC, here
  40. Neelie Kroes EC, this
  41. Thomas Embrescia, include involvement in House hearing, and .jobs vs. ICANN arbitration
  42. Jose Ovidio Salgueiro, ALAC Representative (Latin America/Caribbean Region)---Page already exist as Jose Salgueiro
  43. New gTLD Site
  44. Multistakeholder Model, include praise of Brazil's model, history/development (eg. White Paper), criticism by others
  45. TAS - this, This, this
  46. .co
  47. .xxx
  48. .edu
  49. .arpa
  50. .gov